DFC :)


It’s like midnight so everything I’m typing might be extremely cheesy (partially because of those cheesy fries from in and out) but I mean every word. Im a dancer but I’ve always wanted to try new styles and I thought hell let me join my schools DFC. But first semester got busy and I didn’t make time for it so it became an on off club I participated in, but second semester I was determined to make it to every meeting and perform with them. Honestly I just joined to dance and have fun but I actually got so so SO much more out of it. I met so many new people and became friends with people I had gone to school with since 6th grade but never once said hi to. I got closer to all of my friends in DFC and made so many memories that I need to get a phone with more storage because my 16 gigs wont cut it. I learnt for once just to dance without feeling like I needed to prove myself to someone or I had to worry about having correct form or I had to be better than someone else. I got to dance and finally just express myself and meet other people I could connect with regardless of wether we were good dancers or not. I’ve never really been on a team either but this was and is the best team I could possible be on because (cue the cheese) they really made this feel like a family. I could go on and on but basically  I love DFC and I loved every minute that I spent in it, every sweaty, long, stressfull, occasionally tearfilled, boba drinking, in-and-out feasting minute of it and I would not have wanted to spend it with any other group of people. I literally cannot wait for DFC next year ❤

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Mental Health Awareness Week

The irony in december being mental health awareness month is that it’s the saddest time of year for all students (may the odds be ever in your finals), and the happiest time of the year for everyone else because who doesn’t enjoy the time when pumpkin spice lattes come out of hibernation and all the Christmas spirit comes alive. But aside from that, this week is so important I’m surprised that there isn’t a whole month dedicated to it. Mental health is something that unfortunately no one talks about, especially about their own, and true there is a strong stigma that exists around it but this ridiculous and unspoken stigma shouldn’t be the cause for people to shy away from openly speaking about their mental state. I literally cannot stress enough how important it is for people to open up about how they are doing, but more importantly for other people to show that people can open up to them, because most of the stigma about mental health generates from the belief that  people don’t think anyone cares. Yes, this will probably descend into a cliché rant about how everyone is important BUT ITS A CLICHÉD TRUTH. People who suffer from depression, anxiety and anything else generally just need people to reassure them that yeah, they have people who support and love them no matter what, because more often than not that’s all it takes to help them feel even slightly better. Being in school with finals coming up, so many kids are stressing themselves out and have so many other problems on top of school to work out, and I really hope that everyone has someone they can spill their problems too because it really sucks to feel alone. Okay thats about it, this rant was on the verge of turning sappy, but yeah just be aware of peoples conditions around you and help out as much as you can becuse you never know when you might need someone too.

– M

Fresh Starts

It’s annual turkey day and this year, especially recently, has given us a lot to be grateful for. But this is a first post (probably one of the strangest) and I won’t immediately scare you with my preaching about the world (bare with me and my loud opinions). Anywho, being a “blank” idealist – ironic as neither Wendy nor I ever have a dull moment (aside from the monotony of school) – along with my wonderfully talented and thoughtful friend, have decided to write about all the world has to offer; moments, random things, people and places, definitely food and the occasional rant.

– M

It’s Thanksgiving.

Today is the Thanksgiving of the year 2015, and the day that our first post shall be released into the wilderness of the web. Convenient, I believe, for us, as this date will be very easy to remember and perhaps celebrate.

In case you are unaware, though this blog has been painstakingly titled, “theblankidealist,” there is not one idealist who is running this blog, but two.

I am the shorter author, Wendy,who is currently tucked inside her room, wrapped in a blanket with the rain beating against her windows. The other, Megha, is currently on the other side of the country, bathed in sunlight on a beach far away from home. I think you can guess which situation I would rather be in right now.

Alas, though I wish to continue writing, I am to be swept away to a party full of people unknown, where I shall perhaps make nest in an unoccupied room with my laptop, completing homework that should not have been assigned as it is currently break. Unfortunately, this world is not kind, not even on holidays.

Dear reader, I hope you visit us again soon.

– W