Just your average ice cream fanatic trying to get by in the world, with a passion for writing and a penchant for ranting about all things good and bad. So I decided, why not create a blog in hopes that at least a few of you wonderful people out there can relate?

But in all seriousness, I’ve been wanting to do this since I was old enough to know what a blog was, and here I am putting myself and my writing out for the world to see after multiple attempts at trying to talk myself out of it. When I finally figured out that what words do for me, is what multi-variable calculus does for others, I took this up and have been typing away every since, though frankly I would’ve preferably type-written away, but unfortunately I was born in the wrong century and would also rather spend my extra money on food. My point is, life’s short and whatnot, so here I am finally doing what I love and putting it out there and hopefully finding myself in the process.


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