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Music is such a strange thing. Something so intangible and multifarious has so much power over us. It’s like relinquishing your feelings to a ghost and saying “Here, do what you will with these” and then either getting hyped as hell or wrecked as f*ck . But beyond that, holy shit music is so magical. Think about it, the same words worn out time and time again, used in one form, with certain chords and a certain voice, gets a facelift with new chords and a new voice and BAM! it’s a whole new entity. On top of that, the same song can have such a range of effect on people, and even change the same person at different points in their life. That much power lies in a 3 minute collage of sounds.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me being mind blown but the power of something so simple astounds me. That and also after going to Jon Bellions concert, my mind, my heart and my eardrums are blown too.

I respect artists who respect their art form. Just keeping it real and keeping their humanity in their music is something so rare these days, but personally I believe it makes such a big difference in the quality of their music too. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Cardi B, but when you get down to the real core of why you listen to music, it’s what it gives you when no one or nothing else can. It keeps you from feeling truly alone (I heard that from someone somewhere and it was too thought provoking to not include). I’m not a huge music fanatic, in the sense that I don’t know my technical terms nor do I spend my days trying to learn song covers, but I need music just as much as the next person to be able to grasp the things we find inexpressible. From a dancers perspective at least, I feel like music provides the definition to the “words” your body tries to express. I don’t know if that made any sense so I should probably end this before I start rambling or adding letters to places they don’t belong.

Anyways, I kind of just wanted to write something, so here’s the product of that urge and Jon Bellion’s concert.

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