It’s funny how things work out or don’t work out in life…. and when one thing doesn’t work out it just seems to set off a series of  unfortunate, trying, and sometimes even soul crushing events.

So no this post isn’t going to be a bunch of random comical thoughts or something well thought out, its going to be raw and true, and angry and passionate because I just can’t pretend like everything is okay with people in this world, when almost all of us are struggling just to come to terms with who we are and our own situations.

Recently a girl in my town committed suicide, and I haven’t been able to take my mind off of that story. Facebook was flooded with loving friends typing out their despair in losing a close friend or an acquaintance but strangely, besides the usual temporary sorrow suicide stories give people, this time I felt a strange anger build up inside me. All these people were talking about how “bright and caring she was” and how “she always helped everyone out during difficult times and could always be counted on”, then proceeded to say how they only wished they could’ve helped her. WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL HER ALL THOSE WONDERFUL THINGS YOU WROTE ABOUT HER TO HER FACE WHEN SHE WAS STILL HERE???

Because maybe, just MAYBE, if you all, or even 2 of you had mentioned any of those things to her she wouldnt have ended up the way she unfortunately has. It frustrates me so much as someone who knows people who are actually going  through a rough time right now, that if people in this world took two seconds to slow down and tell the people in their lives how much they mean or even how much fun just being able to walk from class A to class B with them is, so many peoples days would be made and so many people would still be here. Why is it that always, ALWAYS we end up doing too little too late?