At the end of the day



You know those moments in life when you just stop. Time slows down, the worries vanish, the pain numbs, the constant white noise of life dims, and all you’re left in is a pool of your own thoughts?

I received so much heartbreaking  news today, and most of it doesn’t even directly affect me, but it made me think, and well… you know what happens when people are left alone with their thoughts for too long. I was riding back home, staring at the little red lights of the cars in front of me sparkling away, as the sun faded slowly from an orange dusk to the familiar dark blue of night, and the only phrase repeating in my mind was ” At the end of the day…”.

Really, at the end of the day all the things we worry about become irrelevant. All the numbers that loom over us our entire lives are meaningless, all the drama and gossip becomes pointless, all the time spent trying to be better than someone else is a waste. At the end of day, I wish people could look back and be happy with all the small things in life. I’m definitely not the most grateful or caring person on the planet, in fact I’m pretty cold and definitely not an avid lover of internet videos of cute dogs but, it’s these moments like today that make me think about all the things we have to be smile about in life.

At the end of the day today, I got out of the car and spent a good twenty minutes just sitting on my patio looking at the colors in the sky swirl together as the moon slowly came out of hiding. It made me realize that if people sat outside and stared at the stars each night, we would all live very different lives. The vastness of the universe really does something to you that’s inexplainable… I don’t know how else to phrase it other than it makes your soul feel easy while setting your mind on fire.

At the end of the day, how is it that we, each one of us just a mere minuscule speck of life drifting along in a galaxy older than time itself in an infinite universe, believe that the problems we face every day individually are more important than anything else in the world?

At the end of the day, staring up into that indescribable blackness flecked with thousands of sparkling stars that we call the night sky, it humbles you. Seriously, no matter how famous, wealthy, intelligent or talented you are, being the best person you possibly could be and  being happy with YOURSELF is the biggest achievement any individual can achieve. It’s sad to think that we have human calculators and elementary high school grads, but, ’till this day,  finding someone who is content with themselves and life still proves to be the one of the rarest things on earth.

At the end of the day, be happy with who you are with every fiber in your body because at the end of the day isn’t that really all there is to life?

– M

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