Tomorrow. The uncertain and inevitable. Uncertain because who knows what will happen five minutes from now; inevitable because tomorrow will come, whether we’re here or not. So isn’t it strange, how we spend almost every waking moment living for tomorrow? Honestly, think about it. We go to school to earn good grades to get a stable job for tomorrow. We work hours on end everyday so that we can retire comfortably for tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but when did life become about living after you retire? In perspective, life today has basically become a monotonous routine of going to school for 12 years, then college, then working until you die. Don’t get me wrong, that may be some people’s cup of bubble tea, but I’d rather live 40% for tomorrow and 60% for today, because for all I know the world could end tomorrow (for the what fifth time?) and I wouldn’t be able to say I got to live the life I wanted today, because I had been preoccupied cramming for a chemistry test for a tomorrow that never came.

In the eyes of a dreamer like myself, I believe our today’s should be spent partially making sure we can afford food and shelter in the future (tbh mainly food though), but mostly spent doing the things we love. Creating a dadaist piece, learning  Czechoslovakian, strumming a Hozier song, singing along to DNCE’s Cake by the Ocean, or dancing to Gangnam style for the ten billionth time (Hey, you do you fam), should be the things we do today. To me, I try and live by a rule that basically says, “In your free time, what could you do that a) isn’t illegal and b) would make the coolest story to tell as an old person?” But alas, I can’t adopt a sloth or go skydiving off of the Eiffel Tower yet and so have been forced into settling for the mediocrity of a student wishing for a tomorrow that hopefully will satisfy my imminent hunger to live life to its fullest.

So basically, I have managed to confuse myself probably as much as I’ve confused you with this post, but what my midnight caffeinated brain is trying to say is that stop pushing things off, if you can do it, do it today. Don’t try to recreate the dramatic life of the Kardashians for yourself, and end up having regrets over things that you could have done today just because you were too scared to. Take that leap off the cliff of fear and tell the person you like that they make your day. Talk to the next stranger about the weather. Send that text to that person whom you’re dying to become friends with. Eat that third donut without thinking. Go out with your friends and have so much fun that at the end of the night, your laughter is ceaseless and your smiles are forever frozen in the millions of selfies taken in those happiness-induced moments. At the end of the day even, if tomorrow never comes, at least you can say you have lived.

So live a little 🙂

P.S –  Late night Starbucks has scary side effects..aka this mess of a blog post

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