DFC :)


It’s like midnight so everything I’m typing might be extremely cheesy (partially because of those cheesy fries from in and out) but I mean every word. Im a dancer but I’ve always wanted to try new styles and I thought hell let me join my schools DFC. But first semester got busy and I didn’t make time for it so it became an on off club I participated in, but second semester I was determined to make it to every meeting and perform with them. Honestly I just joined to dance and have fun but I actually got so so SO much more out of it. I met so many new people and became friends with people I had gone to school with since 6th grade but never once said hi to. I got closer to all of my friends in DFC and made so many memories that I need to get a phone with more storage because my 16 gigs wont cut it. I learnt for once just to dance without feeling like I needed to prove myself to someone or I had to worry about having correct form or I had to be better than someone else. I got to dance and finally just express myself and meet other people I could connect with regardless of wether we were good dancers or not. I’ve never really been on a team either but this was and is the best team I could possible be on because (cue the cheese) they really made this feel like a family. I could go on and on but basically  I love DFC and I loved every minute that I spent in it, every sweaty, long, stressfull, occasionally tearfilled, boba drinking, in-and-out feasting minute of it and I would not have wanted to spend it with any other group of people. I literally cannot wait for DFC next year ❤

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