Mental Health Awareness Week

The irony in december being mental health awareness month is that it’s the saddest time of year for all students (may the odds be ever in your finals), and the happiest time of the year for everyone else because who doesn’t enjoy the time when pumpkin spice lattes come out of hibernation and all the Christmas spirit comes alive. But aside from that, this week is so important I’m surprised that there isn’t a whole month dedicated to it. Mental health is something that unfortunately no one talks about, especially about their own, and true there is a strong stigma that exists around it but this ridiculous and unspoken stigma shouldn’t be the cause for people to shy away from openly speaking about their mental state. I literally cannot stress enough how important it is for people to open up about how they are doing, but more importantly for other people to show that people can open up to them, because most of the stigma about mental health generates from the belief that  people don’t think anyone cares. Yes, this will probably descend into a cliché rant about how everyone is important BUT ITS A CLICHÉD TRUTH. People who suffer from depression, anxiety and anything else generally just need people to reassure them that yeah, they have people who support and love them no matter what, because more often than not that’s all it takes to help them feel even slightly better. Being in school with finals coming up, so many kids are stressing themselves out and have so many other problems on top of school to work out, and I really hope that everyone has someone they can spill their problems too because it really sucks to feel alone. Okay thats about it, this rant was on the verge of turning sappy, but yeah just be aware of peoples conditions around you and help out as much as you can becuse you never know when you might need someone too.

– M