It’s Thanksgiving.

Today is the Thanksgiving of the year 2015, and the day that our first post shall be released into the wilderness of the web. Convenient, I believe, for us, as this date will be very easy to remember and perhaps celebrate.

In case you are unaware, though this blog has been painstakingly titled, “theblankidealist,” there is not one idealist who is running this blog, but two.

I am the shorter author, Wendy,who is currently tucked inside her room, wrapped in a blanket with the rain beating against her windows. The other, Megha, is currently on the other side of the country, bathed in sunlight on a beach far away from home. I think you can guess which situation I would rather be in right now.

Alas, though I wish to continue writing, I am to be swept away to a party full of people unknown, where I shall perhaps make nest in an unoccupied room with my laptop, completing homework that should not have been assigned as it is currently break. Unfortunately, this world is not kind, not even on holidays.

Dear reader, I hope you visit us again soon.

– W

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